Young pioneer flying high in the future

Young pioneer flying high in the future



The Tochigi Entrepreneur Contest has received business ideas from young people in Tochigi responsible for the future and awarded prizes for excellent works. The Contest which marked the 5th contest in 2017 has received over 1000 ideas and some prize winners became a president of company while going high school or university.

The chairperson of Tochigi Entrepreneur Contest Committee is Keita Aoki, President of Aoki Seisakusho manufacturing metal parts. While some children are academically or physically talented, some children must be talented in business management. However, Japanese school education hardly offers practical management curriculum. Therefore, he started organizing the Contest to discover talented young people.

Over the years, he met many motivated young people. He has been impressed more and more by today’s young people with interesting and unique ideas.

The Contest aims to be a place to show ideas as well as to provide financial support to start a company and other support for networking with related companies. Company management is not easy job, but he expects young people to grow through the process.



Yasuhide Koizumi, 4th grader university student was the best prize winner in the 2017 Contest. His business idea is selling rice malt baby (about 8 month and over) snacks. He established the Agcle and will start selling his products soon. He hopes that perception gaps between manufactures and consumers will be disappeared through his business.



Tsubasa Takashio, awarded the outstanding performance prize in the 2017 Contest established his company called “rain” and started sales activities in this spring. He proposed a business idea to utilize empty homes which become a social issue today. He also manages a café for young people to interact each other and he want to make this space a hub for companies and students.



Reku Yagisawa was awarded the best prize in the 2016 Contest. He established his company, “Nasutabi” to disseminate the charms of Nasu Region when he was the 3rd grader high school student. He also managed the Miss Nasu Contest and the business to sell the Nasu Travel Bag which served as a voucher for tourist attractions. Currently he learns tourism at university while managing his company.

Their products and business are different, but they have one thing in common. They are passionate about changing the society by managing own company. Today many people worry about the future due to the depopulation. But look, here are young people whom we can rely on.