What is expected of children responsible for the future?

Toshiyuki Inoko, Representative of teamLab

Computer programming will be a required subject in primary school in 2020.
Its aim is to nurture the logical thinking for programming to find what kind of motions are required to materialize your intent and how to combine codes to match such motions.
“The logical thinking for programming will be essential for our lives in the digital age.
However, the ability of logical thinking for programming is not almighty” said Toshiyuki Inoko, Representative of teamLab creating art works using digital technologies.

What is expected of children as technologies rapidly evolve?
Inoko pointed the importance of “collaborative creation where people with different areas of expertise work together to find new answers to questions without answer” and he said “to play freely with others in mountain and forests away from school will enhance human creativity and cooperativity.”

He also said “3-D thinking through own physical experiences is the intelligence directly connected to innovation and creativity” and “proactively living in the new age is to intentionally stretch human creativity, to comprehend the world through own body and to be able to master three-dimensionally think.”


Toshiyuki Inoko
Born in 1977. Established the teamLab in 2001 when he graduated from the Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo. The teamLab is a group of ultra-technologists consisting of specialists from a variety of fields such as programmer, engineer, CG animator, mathematician and architect. It operates based on the concept, collaborative creation beyond the borders among art, science, technology and creativity. In Tochigi, they held “teamLab island-Learn! Future Park in Tochigi” in 2016 and “teamLab island-Learn! Future Park in Utsunomiya” in 2017.