Use of ICT to pass down traditional crafts

Kenya Oshima, Mountain Tribe

The Mountain Tribe based in Utsunomiya City is working on the project to promote the traditional crafts of Tochigi to overseas using ICT and translation skills.
Its Cross-Border EC, an online shop for overseas customers handles Mashiko Pottery and other products. In order for artists to focus on their creation, the website management including creating product pages in foreign languages and shooting photos is handled by the Mountain Tribe.

The result of test marketing with Mashiko Pottery was positive.
Especially from Taiwan, they received very positive reactions.

Oshima wants to expand its product lineup to other traditional crafts of Tochigi in the future while considering receiving more foreign visitors to Tochigi.

The Mountain Tribe has a strong connection with Taiwan. Using the connection, they support Shimazaki Shuzo in Nashu Karasuyama City with its business expansion in oversea.
They are working on the promotion of “Koshu (aged Sake)” matured in a cave which was a former factory of Japanese army.

Yoshiaki Senda, Mashiko Pottery artists in Mashiko Town is one of the artists participating in the Cross-Border EC. He appreciates this system without being bothered by Web page production.

Selling at in-store retailers becomes more difficult and he expects a lot the online shop to expand the sales in overseas.

Kenya Oshima
President of Mountain Tribe.
Earned an MBA at Hawaii Pacific University and engaged in revitalization projects in many fields in Hawaii. He established a business consulting firm, Mountain Tribe in 2007, which provides a wide variety of services such as overseas business support, foreign language translation and Web production.