Use of community network with SNS for healthier life


Teruo Ota, President of Tochigi Medical Association
Misao Maehara, Vice President of Tochigi Medical Association
Kimiyuki Nagashima, Board Member of Tochigi Medical Association

Depopulation and aging population are considered as serious social issues.
The population of Tochigi has also been decreasing and the number of death was higher than the number of newborn in 2011.

The life expectancy in Tochigi is rather low compared to other prefectures and the cases of adult diseases are on the increase. To be ready for the increased demands for medical care in the future, the Tochigi Medical Association started the use of ICT earlier than other prefectures and expands its operation with “Tochimaru Net” community medical network where patience’s medical information is shared among the healthcare facilities and “Dokodemo Renrakucho” medical care special SNS.

In recent years, a committee was set up to study the operation of “Tochimaru Dokodemo Net” merging those two systems. It is called “Tochigi Model” by other prefectures and has contributed to the development of central government-led Integrated Community Care System for 2025 when the baby boomers become 75 and over. The “Tochimaru Dokodemo Net” is also expected to be used at the time of disaster and for everyday life support as a community infrastructure. The Tochigi Medical Association continues to promote the use of “Tochimaru Dokodemo Net” as well as to increase awareness in business owners in the local communities and of healthcare facilities.

Teruo Ota
President of Tochigi Medical Association (4 terms).
Board Member of Japan Medical Association. Director of Shirasawa Hospital. Graduated from Jikei University School of Medicine in 1970.


Misao Maehara
Vice President of Tochigi Medical Association.
Representative of Japan Medical Association. Director of Maehara Hospital. Graduated from Tokyo Medical University in 1973.


Kimiyuki Nagashima
Board Member of Tochigi Medical Association.
Nagashima Orthopedic Surgery Director. Graduated from Shimane Medical University in 1984.