Learning for digital native generations

Atsushi Ito, Utsunomiya University Graduate School
Yuichi Hasuda, Teikyo University

デジタルネイティブ世代の学び The penetration of IoT and ICT is about to dramatically change ways of working and the structure of industries.
Seeing the future, computer programming education will start in primary school in Japan in 2020.

Atsushi Ito, Professor of Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya University predicts computer programming will be a basic subject like reading, writing and mathematics in the future and the age when children will learn programming as a language like English will come.

However, computer programming skill is just a tool and imaginations for finding “what can we do” using the tool and logical thinking to collect information and analyze it are more important.
Professor Ito said that it is required to educate children to connect these skills to various social issues.


Atsushi Ito
Professor, Department of Information Science, Graduate School of Engineering, Utsunomiya University. After completing a Graduate Program at Nagoya University, he joined in KDDI. Appointed to the present position in 2014. He is engaged in the study concerning communication network, user interface/ wearable device and social application of ICT (health management, tourism information, cybercourt etc.). PhD (Information Engineering)

デジタルネイティブ世代の学びOn the other hand, can teachers really tell children of digital native generations how fun computer programming is?

Yuichi Hasuda, Professor of Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University said that nurturing the instructors is urgently needed.
Also, he told the necessity of consistent programs for children from primary, high school to university. Participation in international robot contests will grow confident children, too.
Professor Hasuda expects them to be global engineers and to improve their problem solving skills.


Yuichi Hasuda
Professor, Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Teikyo University (PhD of Engineering). Completed a Graduate Program at Utsunomiya University. Won prizes 11 times at the WRO world competitions when he was teaching at Tochigi Prefectural Utsunomiya Technical High School. Appointed to the current position in April 2015. Currently winning the consecutive three WRO Japan competitions for university students since 2015.