ICT and drone for dealing with wildlife damages

Junichi Tsuboi
Ohtawara City Wildlife Damage Control Team
KINUGAWA fishery cooperative
National Research Institute of Fisheries Science, Research Center for Freshwater Fisheries, Fisheries Management Group

Ohtawara City has used ICT to catch wild boars which ransack the surrounding areas of villages since 2016.

The City installs traps along with 14 cameras with communication functions on the paths which wild boars go through. These devices allow the staffs to know when wild boars appear in the areas as well as the trend of their activities and help more effective trap installation. Also, the devices send an email notification to the staffs when a wild boar was caught in a trap, which reduces the frequency of checking traps in addition to leaving foods in the traps every 2 days.

In order to fundamentally be free from the wild boar damages, changing the surrounding areas to prevent the intrusion of wild boar is essential and other measures such as awareness building activities for locals are required.

鬼怒川漁協Also, KINUGAWA fishery cooperative has been troubled by greedy great cormorants. The birds eat Ayu river fish which fishing season starts June every year.
KINUGAWA fishery cooperative implemented 3 drones with speaker this year to get rid of the birds aiming Ayu with dog barking noise and gunshot sounds.
The drones can be programmed to automatically fly the fixed route and it won’t be difficult to control them once people mastered its take-off and landing.

In the both cases, nurturing staffs who can handle wildlife damages well utilizing ICT is urgently required.