Evolving tactics utilizing data

Tetsuo Nakanishi, Sports Journalist

“Top professional footballers use ICT and AI to obtain data and fully utilize it.
The use of ICT is inevitable even for local professional sport teams” said Tetsuo Nakanishi, Sport Journalist adding that ICT is a key also for promoting of regional development.

“I always think the importance of Point of Contact. The Point of Contact is a space for fans to interact each other and to obtain information of sports. For example, more number of venues where people can watch all sports videos in Tochigi including archived videos can create more Points of Contact for fans to interact across any sports. Also, it will revitalize local communities through sports.”


Some professional sport teams in Tochigi also proactively use ICT.
“Football was one of the first professional sports utilizing ICT among many others” said Junrou Hamajima, Coach of Tochigi SC Youth.
The coach himself started using a tablet PC to shoot videos of games and training and to use them for coating right after being assigned the position.

In addition to videos, he has quantified plays and input the data in spreadsheet. It is appreciated as a powerful coaching tool.
“The use of ICT is common in top professional sport teams. So it will be in local amateur teams in the near future.”


Tetsuo Nakanishi
Graduated from Doshisha University Faculty of Economics and joined in Nagoya Grampus Eight in 1992. He was transferred to Kawasaki Frontale in 1997 and contributed to the victory in J2 and promotion to J1 as the team captain in 1999. After retirement from footballer, he started his career as a sport journalist commenting on TV and radio. Appointed to a member of the board of Japan Football Association in 2008 (currently an advisor). He is also an instructor of the Shimotsuke Soccer Seminar for children in Tochigi.