Current situation and issues of Tochigi shown by data analysis

What are the issues for Tochigi? With support from the Ashigin Research Institute which observes the businesses in Tochigi, key players for local revitalization and conducts its own analysis, we consider Tochigi’s present and future.

As the result of survey on major management challenges by interviewing with major companies in the prefecture conducted by the Ashigin Research Institute, the number of companies which see labor shortage as a challenge has increased since 2012.
Tochigi Prefecture has worked on increasing its birth rates and preventing the outflow of population. However, it takes at least 15 years before the new born babies can contribute to the society as labors. The future economic growth is not possible without work style reform, expansion of job opportunities for women and foreigners and nurture of young people.

Various data show that Tochigi is relatively doing well in terms of the economy and industry.
The depopulation rate is not so critical, the standard of life is relatively high and further growth of industries is expected.
Compared to other regions in Japan, the potential of Tochigi is rather high. Therefore, clarification of its vision and long-term community building to attract business persons and companies and to appeal to the world are inevitable. Look to the advantages of Tochigi and passionately appeal to the world with “Love for Tochigi” to create tomorrow.