Brush up its strengths with its tradition plus ICT

Masahiko Yamada, Chief Executive Architect of Fujitsu Limited

Manufacturing is very active in Tochigi.
As people have talked a lot about reforming the manufacturing using the latest technologies, what kind of effort should Tochigi make? Masahiko Yamada, Head of K computer Project told us about his thought.

“Tochigi must learn from EU.” The current global economic leaders are the U.S and China.
Their GDP growth rates are exceptional and have changed the traditional global balance. Under the circumstances, EU has aimed to create and nurture the industries contributing to its growth and has provided financial support for research and development to the member countries.
For this effort, a variety of businesses has been created with regional strengths.
As geographical distance is disappearing by the internet penetration, it is very important to have direct contact with the world and gain the competitive power, according to Yamada.

Also, the development and penetration of ICT has changed the system of manufacturing. The day when the products without humans will be found everywhere, comes soon.
Therefore, Yamada wanted young people and engineers who are working for the future of manufacturing in Tochigi to “learn foreign languages and live globally”.
The local community should brush up its core, “local strengths” with digital technologies and challenge the world.


Masahiko Yamada
Chief Executive Architect in charge of technical computing at Fujitsu Limited.
Head of K computer Project. Born in 1956 in Tochigi City, Tochigi.
Graduated from Tochigi High School and then Hokkaido University, Faculty of Engineering.
Joined in Fujitsu Limited in 1979. Appointed to Tochigi Furusato Ambassador.