Affinity between use of new technology and rural areas

新しいテクノロジーの活用と地方の親和性 メディアアーティスト 落合陽一【Interview】
Yoichi Ochiai, Media Artist

How our life will be changed by the latest technology? We had an interview with Yoichi Ochiai, Advisor to the president of University of Tsukuba and Pixie Dust Technologies.Inc CEO.

The active use of IT technologies such as AI, IoT, VR and AR in rural areas may be highly effective to revitalize their local communities.
In the past the centralized investment of people, things and money was widely conducted for intensive development. However, it won’t be effective due to further depopulation.

Therefore, people talk about the use of IT technology as one of the effective solutions.
For example, if we use the blockchain technology (the core technology of virtual currency), each local government will be able to operate their own monetary policy without depending on the central government.

Off course, it is not realistic to say the same IT technology may work to all local governments.
Synthetic judgment is required at each organization about a type of IT technology to be implemented.
For that, the statistical data such as demographic shift and population aging rate, their own strength of local industries and tourism resources should be considered.

Also, local people need to be ready to accept and adapt to diversified society.


Yoichi Ochiai
Media Artist,

Advisor to the President and Assistant Professor of University of Tsukuba.
Head of Digital Nature Laboratory. Pixie Dust Technologies.Inc CEO.
Born in 1987. Learnt Media Art in University of Tsukuba and earned PhD in Applied Computer Science at University of Tokyo. He wrote several books including “Survival strategy of super AI era (Daiwa Shobo)” and “Strategy to revitalize Japan (Gentosha)”. In 2015 he conducted a co-research at Utsunomiya University Center for Optical Research & Education.