This site was launched so that the matters we wanted to convey with the special edition will spread and reach more people and it could be a place where everyone could post their opinions, impressions etc on it.
In this era where interactive communication is essential even in media, we ask everyone to share their thoughts.
Please include hashtags #MIRAInoSHOZO or #ミライノショウゾウ in your posts !
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Please share your comments, ideas etc such as your thoughts after reading the special edition articles or the initiatives that you have been doing on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc with the hashtags #MIRAInoSHOZO or #ミライノショウゾウ ! Your comments will be pubished on the specially set-up homepage of this special issue.
ツィッター- Twitter- [#MIRAInoSHOZO] 
ツィッター- Twitter- [#ミライノショウゾウ] 
フェイスブック-Facebook- [#MIRAInoSHOZO]
フェイスブック-Facebook- [#ミライノショウゾウ]
インスタグラム-Instagram- [#MIRAInoSHOZO]
インスタグラム-Instagram- [#ミライノショウゾウ]